Create and transport Tax code SAP FI

Every SAP FICO consultant creates tax codes and transport it. Some consultants maintain the GL accounts for the tax code in each system. However I create a workbench transport request to transport individual table entries.

Steps on how to create and transport Tax code:

  • Transaction FTXP – Create Tax code. Enter country and the vat identifier. Enter percentage of VAT. Click on properties and enter the description. If the description is required in other language, logon on using that language and enter the description of the VAT code.
  • The system does not create a transport request on saving. On the menu, select Export and this will create a transport request. Release the transport request.
  • Create Workbench transport request for Table T030K to include transaction of the tax code. Also transport table T007A, T007S.  The PgmID is R3TR,  Obj is TABU and Object Name T030K, T007A, T007s with values relevant to your tax code.  In this way you transport the GL accounts along with the tax code and you don’t have to maintain the tax code in target clients manully.
  • The target client needs to be opened to run the program RFTAXIMP.  Run RFTAXIMP in each client after transporting and process the batch input session created. Verify that GL account is populated in the target client or input them.

That’s simple.