Handy Quirks and transactions in SAP

Sometimes, you need the names of programs, transactions or table quickly  to troubleshoot or design a solution. Then you should have list of handy stuff. I have listed transactions and will be updating this post constantly.

  • List of transaction codes, see Table TSTC
  • Check programs assigned to a scheduled job, see table TBTCP
  • Table SREPOVARI – Reporting: Reports and Variants. This is for knowing the abap program and variants being used.
  • Transaction to check user id SUIM, see table USR01
  • See Table T000 / transaction SCC4 to check client level settings e.g. Group Currency
  • Run transactions SM04, AL08 to check what other users are working
  • Run program rstxpdft4 to convert spool to pdf

Please comment on the transactions that you find handy. I will update this post for the benefit of everyone.

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