SAP FI – Year End Processes – Indicative list

SAP FI year end is an annual task and sometimes team members are not involved in the year end procedures. Here are a list of SAP FI transactions that you may find it helpful. You may have to tune this list depending on your business requirements and processes.

1. Pre-Year End/House Keeping – Actioned before Year End

1.a Confirm that balance carried forward account exists – Txn OB53

1.b Review Customer/ Vendor number ranges: Txn XDN1 for AR and XKN1 for AP

1.c Review Document number ranges for AP/AR/GL: Txn FBN1

1.d Review Document number ranges for Assets: Txn AS08

1.e Review Document number ranges for EC-PCA: Txn GB02

1.f Review Document number ranges for CCA: Txn KANK

1.g Review All program variants and variant variables: Txn SE16 and review table VARIT for Z* programs and other scheduled jobs

1.h Factory Calendar: Txn SCAL

1.i Open Periods Txn OB52

1.j Create Fiscal Year Variants 5 years ahead – GL Txn OB29

1.k Create Fiscal Year Variants 5 years ahead – Txn OA85

1.m Create Next Plan Year in CO – Txn OKEV

1.n Create Next Plan Year in PCA – Txn OKEQ

1.o Add new Activitiy Rates that will be required for the new period / year : Txn KP26 / KP97

1.p Add new Statistical key figures that will be required for new period / year Txn KP46 / KP97

1.q Check last closed fiscal year in FI and FI-AA Txn TBP

1.r Check customising using report RACHECKO

1.s Check Incomplete Assets using Report RAUNVA00

1.t Open MM period on the first day of the year MMPV

2. Period End Processing : Regular Month End Procedures

3. Mandatory Year End Processing: For Fiscal Year Change

3.a General Ledger Txn F.16
3.b Accounts Receivable Txn F.07
3.c Accounts Payable Txn F.07
3.d Fixed Assets

– Process depreciation in usual way
– Reconcile Asset Ledger with GL – Start Report RAABST02 to note the differences. Check the missing items using program RAABST01
– Execute Fiscal Year change Txn AJRW
– Execute Year End Closing program – Txn AJAB

3.e CO – Budget Carry Forward –

Copy Plan to Plan – Txn KP97
Copy Actual to Plan – Txn KP98
Copy Resource Prices – Txn KP9R

4. Financial Month End Reports

4.a General Ledger Reports – Txn FS10n
4.b General Ledger Line Items Display Txn FBL3n
4.c General Ledger Account Balances Report Txn S_ALR_87012277
4.d Structured GL Account Balances Txn S_ALR_87012279
4.e Trial Balance
4.f Financial Statements

Menu Path Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> General Ledger – > Information System -> General Ledger Reports -> Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Statement -> General

4.g Document Journal Txn S_ALR_87012287
4.h Compact Document Journal Txn S_ALR_87012289
4.i Document Listing – Txn SE38 Program RFBUEB00
4.j Extract for the Accumalated Historical Balance Audit Trail Txn S_ALR_87012314
4.k Report from the Accumalated Historial Balance Audit Trail Txn S_ALR_87012315
4.l Identification of Postings by Amount Txn S_ALR_87012282

5. Auditing Reports

5.a Financial Accounting Comparative Analysis F.03
5.b Gaps in Document Number Range Assignment Txn S_ALR_87012342
5.c Invoice Number Ranges Allocated Twice Txn S_ALR_87012341
5.d Changes to GL Accounts Txn S_ALR_87012308
5.e Changes to Customer Accounts Txn S_ALR_87012182
5.f Changes to Customer Credit Data Txn S_ALR_87012215