Steps – Fixed Assets data migration

Fixed Assets data migration is part of the cut over activities as journal balances are uploaded. The cut off date can be the financial year end date or mid year. Before you start the upload process, make sure the total values like APC, accumulated depreciation and depreciation for the year matches with the legacy GL balances.

Steps for Fixed Assets data migration in SAP

Check customising for transfer date

Asset Accounting -> Preparing for Production Start Up -> Asset Data Transfer -> Parameters for Data Transfer ->

Date Specifications\ Specify Transfer Date/Last Closed Fiscal Year

  • Transfer date – this should be set to close to the date you migrate the assets. As AS91 is specifically for data migration, it expects that the capitalisation date for all the assets you migrate will be before the transfer date. Check this in table T093C.
  • Current fiscal year – also in T093C, check that this has been correctly set.
  • Also check Number ranges have been maintained

Legacy Asset Master creation

Transaction AS91 is for creating legacy asset master. You will be using LSMW to upload the file and create fixed assets. The takeover value screen will have Accumulated APC, Accu Ord Dep and Depreciation.

Accumulated APC = Original value
Accu Ord Dep = Accumulated depreciation till the end of last year
Depreciation = Depreciation for the year

When the assets are capitalised during the year, then on Asset Takeover Values, you have a button "transactions". Click the button and enter value date, transaction type 100 and amount (acquisition value).

Fixed Asset masters are created. After you have uploaded the fixed assets, check the report for Assets Balances and verify that the balances matches with what you have uploaded. Depreciation for the year may not match since the system is calculating planned depreciation.

GL balance upload

  • Reset the asset reconciliation GL account in customising. This will allow direct posting in the GL accounts
  • Some recommend to use transaction OASV to upload the asset GL balances as it directly allows posting to reconciliation account. . However I found when posting depreciation for the current year balances, cost centre field is not available. I would advise you to use transaction F-01 for asset balance upload with cut over date as your posting date.

The journal entry is

Debit ….. APC
Credit  ….. Accumulated Depreciation
Debit  …. Depreciation (year to date)
Credit …. Data Take on (balancing figure)

  • Reset asset reconciliation GL account in customising to make it reconciliation account.

That completes fixed assets data migration.

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