Change alternative reconciliation account for MIRO

Sometime the finance managers require trade creditors to be posted to different GL account instead of GLon the vendor master. Different reconciliation account is to classify the vendor balance for regular purchase and fixed assets.

The configuration setting for alternative GL are

  • img – Financial Accounting (New)-Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable-Business Transactions-Postings with Alternative Reconciliation Account-Define Alternative Reconciliation Accounts
  • tick the Accounts payable GL ready for input.

The above configuration works good for transaction FB60 (Enter vendor invoice) but it does work for transaction MIRO.

I found two posts that has the solution (I have not tested it)

  • Solution 1: Use program for substitution (RGGBS000) for change in the change reconciliation account.
  • Solution 2:Use enhancement LMR1M001 to add field eg ZHKONTto screen 400 SAPLXM08 and to pass data to BSEG-HKONT.

Please comment on the solution that you have used that allows to change the reconciliation GL account in transaction MIRO.