How to modify customizing objects in production

The client does not permit any changes to Customizing objects. E.g.  Finance closing cockpit (CLOCOC) or Create Assessment cycle. Your user want these objects to be maintained directly in the production rather than transporting the changes from DEV. See SAP note 327351.

Depending on the system properties, proceed as follows:

1. Test or development systems:
Change the settings of the client as follows:
a) Call transaction SCC4 (Display View "Clients": Details).
b) Select the client.
c) Select one of the checkboxes "Changes without automatic recording"
or "Automatic recording of changes".
d) To be able to select one of the checkboxes, you require the
authorization for the Transport Organizer (authorization S_CTS_ALL).
2. Production systems:
a) Call transaction SOBJ.
b) Choose "Maintain".
c) Select the objects that you want to modify the settings. e.g.
d) Select the "Current Settings" checkbox for each object.
Note: The easiest way is to carry out these measures in the development and test system and then to transport them into the production system.
Note that the attached modification must not be implemented in production systems.
PS: See SAP note 1179482 for the closing cockpit. This is a pilot note released on 05-Oct-2011.