How to switch GL account to open managed new GL

How to switch GL account to open managed in a company code. For more details refer SAP note 1356457.


Preliminary checks:

  • Transaction FSS0. See whether the GL is open item managed
  • Run FAGLL03 – Display/Change Items (New) for the GL XXXX in company code XXX. Select line item selection – All items. This is to determine the date when the first document was posted (say 04-Aug-11).

Actual steps

  • Transaction FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP: The switch on date should be the last date of previous period (31-Aug-11) of the first document posted. Perform Test Run first. Read the messages. If everything in order, then you can perform the production run.
  • Transaction  FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP . This is a production run (untick Test Run). This should change the GL master to open item managed. Go to Transaction FSS0 and verify the GL master has changed.


Check whether this GL needs to be configured in Automatic Postings for Foreign Currency Valuation for open items. Transaction S_ALR_87003237