How to post depreciation run in multiple company codes

Transaction AFAB – Post depreciation allows only one company code in the selection parameter in SAP. You have several company codes to run depreciation at the end of the month.

SAP provides the following options.

a. Depreciation postings for more than one company code can be executed using RAPOST2010. Go to transaction SA38. Enter the program RAPOST2010 and execute. Then enter the selection parameters for the depreciation run.

SAP Help: Report RAPOST2010 makes it possible to post depreciation for more than one company code. To run the report, you enter the necessary selection criteria in the selection screen, When the report is executed, the system calls and executes report RAPOST2000 for each company code.


b. The depreciation posting program can be scheduled using the Schedule Manager RAPOST2000 or RAPOST2010.

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