House bank address data BNKA is not stored in the transport

When a House bank is created, or when any change(s) is made to its 'Address/Control data' section, this information is not being transported to the target system, via transaction FI12 (i.e. Customization of House banks/Bank accounts).  Menupath to transaction FI12 is as following;

Execute transaction code FI12

Select Master records–>Banks–>House banks.

Reason and Prerequisites

FI12 is a customizing transaction which is used to transport bank data from tables T012 and T012K; which are delivery class C, Customizing, tables.  'Address and Control data' section of a House bank is stored in table BNKA; which is a delivery class A, Master / Transaction data, table and cannot be transported via transaction FI12.


Table BNKA could be upated manually in target system, via transaction FI01.

If you do not wish to transport data using above method,  following is another option.

The following is applicable for upto release 45B.  For release 4.6C, the instructions are documented below.

In order to transport 'Address and Control data' section of a House bank to the desired target system, follow these steps.

  1. Execute tr. code SE09
  2. Select Request type 'Transportable' and 'Local'. Request status will be 'Modifiable'.
  3. Click on the 'create' icon, select 'Transportable change request' radio button on Create request popup, and press 'Enter'.
  4. Type in the short description on Create Request dialog box and click on the 'Save' icon. 'Display request' screen will be displayed with an appropriate request number, along with your userid and text 'Not assigned'.
  5. Put cursor on the request number, and select Request/task–>Assign attribute.  Select 'Dev./correction' radio button on Change Task Type, popup and press 'Enter'
  6. 'Type of task <change request number> changed to "Dev./correction"', message will be displayed on the status bar.
  7. Put cursor on a change request number and double click. 'Workbench Organizer – Display Object List' screen will be displayed
  8. Click on the 'Display<>change' icon, and select the 'Insert line' icon.
  9. Fill in PgmID, Obj and Object name with R3TR TABU BNKA, respectively.
  10. Press 'Enter'. A warning message # TK 281, 'W: Note: BNKA is an application table', will be displayed on the status bar.  Double click on the status bar to read about 'Diagnosis' and 'Procedure', generated by this warning.  It tells you to check whether transporting such table could lead to inconsistencies. i.e. proceed with caution!
  11. Press enter again. A message # TK 096, 'Maintain table key for entry TABU BNKA', will be displayed on the status bar.  Double click on the stauts bar to read about 'Diagnosis' and 'Procedure', generated by this message.  It tells you how a specific key entry could be transported to a target system; as opposed to transporting all entries from the source system, which will overwrite all contents of BNKA table. i.e. proceed with caution!
  12. Click on Goto–>Object key.  On 'Maintain key data' screen, click on the 'Insert a line' icon.  Enter an appropriate 'client' i.e. 200, in 'Key (beginning)', and click on 'Key fields' buttton.  A Key field list consisting of 3 primary keys i.e. client, bank country, and bank key, of table BNKA will be displayed.
  13. Enter desired bank country and a bank key, you wish to transport, and 'Save'.  You will be returned to 'Maintain object list' screen, and '<change request> saved' message will be displayed on the status bar.
  14. Green arrow out, i.e. back out of the screen, to 'Display request' screen. Now, you're ready to 'release' and 'transport' your request.

Refer SAP Note 98098 – House bank data (table BNKA) transport via FI12

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